REVIEW – Startonight Wall Art Canvas Maple Tree

I recently had the opportunity to add the most unique and beautiful piece of artwork to my walls!!!



Startonight produces over 600 different pieces of art ranging from canvases to wall murals, featuring every type of subject matter you can imagine!!  What makes their artwork truly special and unique is their Eco-Light technology .  They are brilliantly colored printings, with the unique property of glowing in the dark. In the presence of any source of light (natural – from the Sun or artificial – from light bulbs), only 30 minutes would be enough for a Startonight painting to be fully charged with luminous energy. Then, when evening comes and it gets dark, it will radiate a warm and discreet light which will allow you to enjoy your magic painting late in the night.  The luminous material is ecologically friendly, and does not contain phosphorus, is not radioactive and does not harm your health, or the environment.

Staronnight  is created in Transylvania Romania, and has been sold in Europe for some time.  You can now purchase their beautiful artwork here in the states from either Amazon or Etsy.

I can not even begin to tell you how much I love this painting!!  It is of course beautiful during the day, but the night time subtle glow is just breathtaking.  I guarantee you this will not be the last piece of Staronight artwork I add to my home.  Check out a few of the other items I am drooling over and considering for my next acquisition…




If you are as excited about this beautiful artwork as I am, make sure to come back tomorrow to enter to win your very own Startonight canvas, valued at $119.99!!!!!

I received the above item for free to facilitate my review.  I was not compensated in any other way for this post.  All opinions are my own.



  1. I have visited many gallery sites and these pieces of art are outstanding and unique. I love that they are also reasonably priced.

  2. This is such a cool concept and I can imagine the canvases you’ve shown here will be stunning glowing at night. I would love to see the multi-panel piece in particular.

  3. These wall art canvases are fascinating,beautiful and also hypnotic.
    I find myself lost in their magnificence and cannot tear my eyes away
    from their beauty.They are all beautiful and I find it hard to pick a favorite.
    The Maple tree is glorious and rich in color.LoveXX them all!!!

  4. Their artwork is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to have it hanging in my home.

  5. This wall canvas art is so cool and beautiful. My walls are still embarrassingly empty so these would really look good on my walls.

  6. I love the Startonight Wall Art Canvas American Eagle on the Flag, American USA Design for Home Decor, Dual View Surprise Wall Art 23.62 X 35.43 Inch 100% Original Art Painting the most

  7. I love these piece of art the colors so beautiful love nature these show it so well thanks

  8. I review the art as being of absolute high quality. I appreciate great works of art like these.

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